Resources and Forms

Technical and Technology Services Forms and Resources
NYU Chemistry Technical Service Request (online form for technical service requests)
NYU Chemistry Shared Instrumentation Facility (SIF) Reservations (online reservation form)
NYU Chemistry Shared Instrumentation Facility (SIF) Resources (major research instruments)
NYU Information Technology Services (ITS) Resources (computer, telephone, internet support)
NYU Blackboard Resources (online course management system)
New York Structural Biology Resources (general starting point)
NYU Virtual Computer Lab Information (general starting point)

Access Forms and Information
NYU Chemistry - Building/Room Access Form
NYU Chemistry - Key Access Form
NYU Chemistry - Personnel Information Sheet
NYU Chemistry - Personnel Information Sheet for Postdoctoral Fellows

General NYU and NYC Resources
NYU and NYC Visitor Information (transportation, parking, hotels, maps, things to do)
NYU Libraries (online journals, research databases, library locations, networks)
NYU Global Network University (global academic centers, programs)
NYU Faculty Resources (general starting point for faculty resources)
NYU Student Resources (general starting point for student resources)
NYU Policies and Guidelines (general starting point for various policies, guidelines)
NYU Arts and Science Policies and Procedures (general starting point)

General Science Resources
American Chemical Society (ACS) (professional science organization)
ChemDraw Ultra (science software)
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
NYU Libraries Chemistry Research Guide (chemistry library, librarian information)
NYU Women on Women (WoW) Science Group (organization for women in science)
Science of Synthesis Houben-Weyl Methods for Molecular Transformations (scientific methods)
US Chemistry/Biochemistry Departments (maintained by University of California, Santa Barbara)
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training (guidelines for code of conduct for researchers)
Cambridge Structure Database Web Version (WebCSD)
Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD)

Graduate Student Forms
Please see graduate forms here

Calendars, and Space and Event Planning Resources
NYU Chemistry Meeting Space Reservations Calendar (resource for meeting space availability)
NYU Chemistry Events Planning Calendar (resource for planning events, guest speakers)
NYU Human Resources Office Holiday Calendar (dates when NYU offices are closed)
NYU Registrar Academic and Final Exam Calendars (registration, course, exam, bursar dates)

Environmental Health and Safety Resources
NYU Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Resources (training, waste disposal, policies)

Financial Forms and Resources
NYU Chemistry Purchase Request (online form for requesting external vendor purchases)
NYU Chemistry Stockroom Request (online form for requesting internal stockroom purchases)
NYU Chemistry Student Reimbursement Instructions (detailed instructions and policy info)
NYU Chemistry Employee Reimbursement Request (reimbursement form for allowable expenses)
NYU Payment to Individuals Form (non-employee reimbursement request)
NYU Business Payment Form (vendor payment request)
NYU Missing/Inadequate Documentation Report (missing receipt form)
NYU Financial Forms (general starting point for financial forms)
NYU Financial Policies and Guidelines (general starting point for financial policies, guidelines)
Federal Government A-21 Guidelines (federal guidelines for allowable, unallowable expenses)
Currency Converter (OANDA) (generally accepted currency converter website)
Download UDW+ Client (For PC) .exe file (UDW Client installation file for PC)
Download UDW+ Client (For Mac) .dmg file (UDW Client installation file for Mac)

Human Resources, Benefits, Employment/Appointment/Payroll Forms and Resources
Employment (general starting point for job opportunities)
NYU Time Off Policies (vacation, personal, FMLA, and other employee time off policies)
NYU Full-Time Employee Benefits (benefits information for all full-time employees)
NYU Part-Time Employee Benefits (benefits information for all part-time employees)
NYU Retiree Benefits (benefits information for all retirees)
NYU New Employee Information (new employee orientation, first day essentials)
NYU Professional Development Information (online iLearn and in-person professional training)
NYU Human Resources (HR) and Benefits Forms (general starting point for employee forms)
NYU Arts and Science Employment and Payroll Forms (employment paperwork, procedures)
NYU myTime Information (online time management system information, instructions and FAQs)
NYU Chemistry Accident Report Form (form for accidents occurring within the department)

Immigration and Visa Forms and Resources
NYU Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) Information (immigration, visas)

Research and Sponsored Programs
NYU Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Resources (forms, guides, policies, procedures)
NYU Research Resources (general starting point for research, training, certification)
NSF Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ pdf form)
NIH Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) (guides, policies, procedures)

Chemistry Department Directories
Faculty Directory - Chemistry Department (rev. Sept 2014)
Staff Directory - Chemistry Department (rev. Oct 2014)

NYU Chemistry Department Profiles
Faculty Profile Update Request Form