Ned Seeman Receives the 2016 Franklin Medal in Chemistry

NYU Chemistry Professor Nadrian Seeman is the recipient of the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry.  The Franklin Institute Awards Program "seeks to provide public recognition and encouragement of excellence in science and technology."  Ned was selected to receive this prestigious honor "for his conceptualization and demonstration that DNA can be used as a construction material that can spontaneously form sub-microscopic structures of diverse shapes and functions, with potential applications in disease treatment, mechanics, and computation."  As a Franklin Institute Laureate, Ned is keeping good company with the likes of Edison, Tesla, Einstein, Hawking, and many other luminaries.

Franklin Institute Laureates was honored at an Awards Week at the Institute's headquarters in Philadelphia, culminating in a ceremony and the presentation of a gold medal to each recipient on April 21, 2016.  See the Franklin Institute website for a list of the 2016 Franklin Institute Laureates and further details.  Read NYU Today's feature article covering Ned's achievement.  Congratulations to Ned!

The Franklin Institute created a video about Ned's work:

Updated on 04/17/2017