Schlick Edits Special Issue of Biophysical Journal

schlick.jpgNYU Chemistry Professor Tamar Schlick co-edited a special issue on Genome Biophysics for the Biophysical Journal.

Click here for the complete issue (Volume 112, issue 3)cover.tif.jpg

Click here for the editorial "Unraveling Genome Biophysics" written by Tamar Schlick and Leslie Loew.

The Journal Cover features: The genome biophysics puzzle unraveled! Illustrations from the contributions by A. Onufriev and colleagues on partially assembled nucleosomes (left top puzzle piece), B. Zhang and P. Wolynes on chromosomal domains (right bottom puzzle piece), and G. Bascom and T. Schlick on looping networks in fibers and genes (central image and background fibers).

Updated on 03/09/2017