John Halpin Receives NYU's Distinguished Teaching Award

 Congratulations to Clinical Professor John Halpin on receiving the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award, New York University's highest honor for teaching!  "The Distinguished Teaching Award, established in 1987, is presented annually to outstanding full-time faculty members in recognition that one of NYU's primary institutional priorities, along with research, is exceptional teaching inside and outside of the classroom setting... The award recognizes faculty who have contributed significantly to the intellectual life of the University through their teaching."  For more information on this year's recipients, click here.
John is an alumnus of NYU four times over, an NYU Faculty Fellow in Residence, and Director of the Dual Degree Program in Engineering, in addition to being a beloved teacher of General Chemistry to hundreds of students every year.  John has won many awards for his outstanding teaching over the years, and he has now become the first member of the Department of Chemistry ever to be honored with the Distinguished Teaching Award.  Nominated by numerous students, alumni and colleagues, John was one of just six recipients chosen by the All-University Selection Committee.  Kudos to John!



Updated on 05/10/2017